EPIC Brands Corporation

Epic Brands Corporation (EBC) is a Filipino-owned company that started in January 7, 2019. The company owns and carries a wide range of locally-manufactured food and beverage products made with high standard raw ingredients and packaging. These products are carefully sourced and developed to suit the current trends, wants, and needs in food and beverages among the customers.

Our Vision

Epic Brands Corporation is a leading purveyor of high-quality food and beverage products made with high standard raw ingredients and packaging. The company owns and carries brands that address the wants and needs of the customers on food and beverage products.


Epic Brands Corporation commits to provide high-quality food and beverage products to the market that empowers and improves the lives of its internal and external community. The company aims to deliver its goods and services to its partners and customers at its best value and quality.

Core Values

Excellence EBC commits to bringing in ethically-sourced, and high-quality food and beverage product choices, as well as innovative, and sustainable packaging materials aligned to the trends, wants and needs among its customers.

Passion EBC commits to marketing, distributing and selling its brands and businesses with passion through creative, optimistic and advanced methods to its community. EBC ensures a collaborative environment among its business partners with respect for all ideas, experiences and diverse background that contributes to delivering high quality goods and services to its customers.

Integrity EBC upholds honesty, honor and sincerity in every process, transaction and relationship among its business partners and customers.

Customer Centric EBC empowers its customers, including business partners, through extending support and providing opportunities to improve lives with the company’s goods and services.